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Independent editorial article written by Twoggle

This article does a great job explaining the science behind the case and the problems with Sports Drug Testing that can lead to innocent athletes being wrongly sanctioned

Independent research article written by Keith Moulton

This article dives heavily into the details on "the broken food chain" in 2020

The Guay Study

This study was done by WADA expert scientist, Dr. Christiane Ayotte, who was also the lead expert scientist for the AIU in Shelby's case.

Summary: 3 volunteers ate North American meat provided to them. Looking at page 6, out of the three volunteers, a 37-year-old woman measured levels at 130ng/ml and -22.43‰ roughly 8.5 hours after eating a kidney, liver, and heart mixture (pig offal). These levels would have triggered a false positive drug test just like for Shelby.
Shelby's levels for her A and B samples were 5.2ng/ml and 5.8ng/ml and -23.1‰ and -23.0‰ approximately 10 hours after she ate the burrito.

Also, the chart on page 7 shows the ratio of the two major nandrolone metabolites excreted in urine, 19-norandrosterone (19-NA) and 19-noretiocholanolone (19-NE). For pork consumption, the 19-NA/19-NE ratio is typically 5 or below. For 19-Norsteroids consumption, the ratio is typically 7 or higher.
Shelby's ratio was 3.9

Key points of 'Burrito-Gate' article

  • “One of the tests that the laboratory used has a 40% false positive rate! It was little better than flipping a coin.”
  • “Drug testing laboratories and organizations have known for well over a decade that eating certain pork products (available in the U.S., but much more common outside the U.S.) could trigger a positive test for nandrolone. The fact that eating certain pork products could produce a positive nandrolone test is written into drug testing organization guidance documents.”
  • “This case does not revolve around whether Shelby Houlihan can prove she ate pork products with nandrolone, but instead revolves around whether the laboratory used the correct testing procedures and the correct drug testing organization guidance documents.”
  • “There is no set limit on the amount of nandrolone metabolites measured in the urine. Instead, part of the drug testing organization’s guidance document includes a flowchart showing varying levels of nandrolone metabolites can either cause a drug test fail or a drug test pass depending upon the results of additional laboratory tests.”
  •  “In order for nandrolone to get into the body in sufficient quantity to have a medicinal or performance-enhancing effect, it is injected into the muscles. When taken orally, it is broken down quickly by the liver and excreted as the metabolites, 19-NA and 19-NE. Oral supplementation of nandrolone or nandrolone precursors such as 19-norandrostenedione has been shown to be ineffective at improving athletic performance.” The AIU agreed that given the results from the hair sample and the negative drug tests before and after that December 15th test, it was concluded that the positive test could not have been from an injection. 
You can read the full article by clicking here.

Key Points of 'The CAS Report on Shelby Houlihan'

  • “Since WADA performs ~278,000 tests per year, it is a mathematical certainty their net will capture such freak accidents on a regular basis. The “1 in 10,000″ standard, for example, would result in 28 freak accident positive results per year. Coincidentally, the annual number of traffic accidents in New Jersey is also 278,000 and the statistical probability of getting into an accident on any given drive is vanishingly small, about 1 in 13,000. Yet, somehow, every day there are approximately 760 NJ drivers involved in an accident, each one highly improbable; how can that be?”
  • “McGlone’s cryptorchid deduction was based on the assumption there existed a “normal pork supply chain” when it was well known that, at least for a period of several months, the pork supply chain was anything but normal. In reality, the supply chain experienced a major disruption in the spring and summer of 2020 that created a massive backlog of pigs waiting to be slaughtered. Since the source of the pork in question was ostensibly Tyson Foods, how can the full-page ads taken out in newspapers across the country by its Chairman, John Tyson, on 4/26/2020 be ignored by McGlone and the Panel? Tyson stated: “Millions of animals – chickens, pigs and cattle – will be depopulated because of the closure of our processing facilities. The food supply chain is breaking.” 
  • “…hogs were suddenly being imported to Oregon and Washington in unprecedented numbers that were overwhelming the system. The Oregon Department of Agriculture warned on May 22, “These are hogs we cannot track and that leads to serious concerns about this new swine population…” and on June 30, the Oregon passed a law allowing in-state USDA processing to increase capacity. In response, the policy director of the Friends of Family Farmers said, “A big problem … is that there are a  lot of custom-exempt or smaller meat processors in Oregon, but in order to get them up to USDA standards will take considerable resources.””
You can read the full article by clicking here.

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