THE CONTEXT: On January 14th, 2021, Shelby Houlihan was notified she was provisionally suspended due to a drug testing sample given on December 15th, 2020 having returned as an adverse analytical finding (aka a drug testing sample testing positive for elevated levels of a banned substance). To clearly and unequivocally state, not only has she never knowingly taken nandrolone, the substance she was accused of, she has never knowingly taken any banned substance. This ultimately ended her 2021 bid for the Tokyo Olympic team. In her pursuit over the past 11 months to fight this suspension and prove her innocence, she has had to pay for the entire process out of pocket – this she cannot afford.

THE ASK: Any and all help to continue to fight to prove her innocence and get her career back. If you can or are willing to provide financial assistance, any amount helps. If you are not able to contribute financially, there are many other ways to help. Spreading the word about the injustice of the situation is greatly appreciated, as are all positive comments and energy thrown her direction.

Below is a list of expenses Shelby has paid for to date:

  • Retain a lawyer experienced in handling these cases
  • Test all of her vitamins, supplements, and possible meat sources
  • Hire a private investigator
  • Numerous other tests and analyses to prove her innocence
  • Found subject matter experts to review the case and testify in giving their expert opinion
  • Court fees to even simply have a trial
  • Hire a second legal team to go through the appeal process in the Swiss Federal Tribunal
Below and on the tabs at the top of the website is information to help provide context about the case. We encourage education in this space with the goal of helping all make informed decisions about topics such as these. We are in firm belief that the documents provided help outline the nature of the case, and how ultimately, Shelby has had her career taken away for something she did not do.
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A detailed account of what happened


Showcasing two independent articles and a study on pig offal and nandrolone


Including CAS's Reasoned Award, the case timeline, and the 2021 Technical Document governing nandrolone testing